Transcontinental Race London-Istanbul 2013

allegaert-kristof-foto-the-advenutris-the-transcontinental-race-2013011.jpgWARNING: This story hasn’t got too much of adventure because everything went really well. But for the followers i tried to write it down and i am hoping you enjoy it.

It was a hard decision to enter or not to enter the race. I like long distance races and a little bit of adventure is always fun, but because this was the first edition… i doubted. Is this a serious event, the site and sponsors were looking promising… But the most important questions were, what is the average time to get to Istanbul, and what is the level of the other riders?┬áThe whole thing made me really curious, so i decided to enter the race and give it a try.

“A bit of training, good mapping, lightweight traveling and a sparkle of luck should do the trick”

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